Providing Psychological Services To Individuals, Couples, Groups And Corporate Organisations.

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Mental Health & Wellness Inc is a company that provides multi-disciplinary wellness services to private clients and corporate organisations.

Our Services

We offer short-and-long term Individual psychotherapy, couples/marriage counselling, trauma, grief and child play therapy tailored to meet the needs of clients.

  • Choosing a career can be an overwhelming task whether you are starting out or wondering if another career would better suit you. Career assessments (also known as career counselling) can help you consider career options that might be suitable for your personality and interests.
  • We use a range of valid scholastic/cognitive/neuropsychological assessments which have been classified by the Health Professions Council of South Africa. The assessments enable individuals (i.e student/parent) and organisations (i.e schools) make informed decisions.
  • We offer professional psychological report on legal matters relating to motor vehicle accidents (RAF), medical negligence matters, Injury on Duty, Insurance claims and custody matters

Mental Health & Wellness Inc is a company that provides multi-disciplinary wellness services to private clients and corporate organisations.

We host a professional team of registered psychologists, psychometrist, psychiatrist and a general practitioner. The wellness of employees is proven to have a direct impact on the success of organizations. Wellness incorporates various elements such as psychological, social and physical health. Your employees deserve real time, prompt, face-to-face support from a team of specialists/field experts.


  • psychotherapy or short-term counselling offered on/off site virtually or face to face
  • selection and recruitment assessments and reports (individual/group)
  • staff training and development component
  • physical wellness component includes primary health care (blood pressure/sugar, cholesterol, HIV/Aids testing), and critical incident response and intervention

Staff training and development is geared towards encouraging a healthy work environment and facilitating personal growth and development of soft skills required for high performance in the corporate environment.

Professional life skills presentation (not limited to):

Ethical and professional practice in the workplace | Communication skills and conflict management

Leadership styles | Embracing organisational culture and diversity | Team building

Prioritising self-care | Navigating interpersonal relationship | Psychological and emotional wellness:

  • Stress and anxiety management
  • Coping with depression 
  • Dealing with crisis/trauma

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